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Property Tax Services

Custom Services Tailored to Your Needs...

Flanagan | Bilton provides comprehensive services customized to the property tax requirements of individual portfolios. Clients can take advantage of one or more of the many services:

Real Estate Property Tax Appeals

Flanagan | Bilton monitors and evaluates property tax assessments, files appeals, negotiates settlements, appears before boards or property tax commissions, and pursue legal remedies.

Legal Court Proceedings

Unlike tax consulting firms, Flanagan | Bilton is a property tax law firm, handling the appeal process from local assessing offices to filing lawsuits all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Personal Property Tax Filings

For those jurisdictions that require a taxpayer to file tangible personal property reports, Flanagan|Bilton prepares timely and accurate filings of personal property schedules to local governing bodies.

Tax Estimates & Projections

Before purchasing a property, Flanagan | Bilton will investigate its tax status and provide property tax estimates for potential acquisitions.

Application for Tax Incentives

After consulting with the owner, we prepare the necessary forms to participate in any applicable tax incentive programs. We also file documents for tax map consolidations or divisions.

F|B Portfolio Manager Software

Each client can take advantage of Flanagan | Bilton’s state-of-the-art online portfolio manager reporting system.  Using your individualized password, each portfolio can access property information in a variety of customized formats – from searching for a specific assessment to generating and downloading property tax reports.